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Wills & Probate

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Reasons to write a Will

You work hard all your life to build up your assets, it is very important to be confident that, upon your death, these assets go the people you would want them to go to. If you do not make a Will (or if your Will is incorrectly drafted or executed, which is always a risk if you have, for example, made a “do it yourself” Will), then there is a chance that assets will not go where you want them to.

Some of the most commons reasons to make a will or update an existing Will:

  • The birth of a child or grandchild

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Buying your first house or moving house

  • Death of a family member

  • Setting up a business

  • Someone in your Will dies

  • You inherit money

  • The size of your estate increases


After you die, a legal process known as Probate will need to be carried out by the person you nominate to administer your estate, known as the Executor, Philip Anthony Associates specialise in Probate and Estate Administration.

At Philip Anthony Associates, we offer a range of options to support your loved ones and we can help them to make the process as smooth as possible either with a hand holding service, or by offering full estate administration.

Estate Administration

If Estate Administration isn’t dealt with correctly, the Executor(s) may become personally liable for any outstanding debts and unpaid taxes. This is an added stress which we can help you avoid using our Probate and Estate Administration expertise.

The Probate Process

Probate is when your Will is granted validity in court and declared a true testament of your dying wishes. To gain access to your estate, your Executor(s) will need a Grant of Probate which will give them permission to settle any debts and distribute remaining assets.

Obtaining a Grant of Probate can sometimes be a complex and time-consuming task, which requires lengthy forms to be completed and correspondence with legal professionals. This maybe last thing someone wants to do after they’ve lost a loved one.

Once the Grant of Probate has been given, the Executor(s) will then need to manage your assets in a process known as Estate Administration. As part of this process, it is a legal obligation of your Executor(s) to:

  • Settle remaining debts

  • Calculate and pay Inheritance Tax

  • Distribute the remaining assets to the Beneficiaries

At Philip Anthony Associates, we offer different levels of service depending on how much the executors are prepared to do themselves and all our fees are fixed and agreed before any work is commenced.

Our initial meeting is without obligation and any fees for our estate administration service are paid from the estate once the Grant of probate has been obtained.

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